Music has always been an integral part of my life. I got my first commission for the Swedish Public Service Broadcasting Company (SVT) at only 15 years old.

Many are the productions I have composed for since then, including productions for the Swedish National Theatre Dramaten, Stockholm City Theatre, Strindbergs Intima Teater, BBC, Zentropa, among others.

Cultural rights advocate

Alfons Karabuda is an accomplished composer with more than 35 years of experience in the music industry; he is an integral profile and driving force within the world of music. His current engagements are wide-spreading across the international music industry, with him being honorary President of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance as well as Chair of SKAP (The Swedish Association of Composers, Songwriters & Lyricists), Musiksverige (Music Sweden) and the Polar Music Prize Award Committee. He also serves as a board member of STIM (The Swedish Performing Rights Society), the Global Node Stockholm, and the Global Music Vault. Karabuda is the former President of the International Music Council, an expert in the field of artistic rights to the UN Human Rights Council and the cultural committee at the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO.

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